The Museum Collection

"Sonnet-- To Science" in The Casket

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Creator: The Casket
Date: 1830
Format: Bound Journal
Source: Museum Purchase
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publish Date: 1830


Edgar Poe's early poem "Sonnet--To Science" first appeared in his second book Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems in 1829. A revised version was printed in The Saturday Evening Post on September 11, 1830. The present printing was copied from that printing. Poe would continue to revise and reprint the poem for the rest of his career. Versions appeared in both his 1831 and 1845 volumes of poetry as well as in the Southern LIterary Messenger, Graham's Magazine, The Saturday Museum, and The Broadway Journal. The poem did not reach its present state until 1845 (15 years after ithis printing in the Casket).

The Casket (also known as Atkinson's Casket or The Casket and Philadelphia Monthly Magazine) was a Philadelphia literary magazine that began publication in 1826 and continued until its acquisition in 1840 by George Rex Graham who merged it with Burton's Gentleman's Magazine to form Graham's Magazine. At different times, Poe edited both Burton's and Graham's. Poe's poems and stories would also appear in The Casket in May 1831 and December 1840.