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Letter from Thomas Dunn English to Edmund Clarence Stedman

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Creator: Thomas Dunn English
Format: letter, one page
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
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The writer of this letter, Thomas Dunn English (1819-1902), was at different times a friend and an enemy of Poe's. In one of the latter moments, English caricatured Poe in the novel The Doom of the Drinker. In another instance, Poe sued the Evening Mirror for libel after the magazine published some negative remarks by English about Poe. Poe won the suit. Later, English repeatedly ridiculed Poe in the John-Donkey.

The recipient of the letter was Edmund Clarence Stedman (1833-1908) was a New York journalist and critic who wrote about Poe for the May 1880 issue of Scribner's Monthly. The article, and much else he wrote about Poe, was negatively biased because his main sources of information on the subject were Poe's enemies Thomas Dunn English and Charles Briggs.