The Museum Collection

Poetry Attributed to Mrs. Jane Scott Mackenzie

ID #: 98.9.6
Creator: Jane Scott Mackenzie (?)
Date: 1842
Format: Two loose pages with writing on both sides
Dimensions: 10" x 8"
Source: Museum Purchase
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication:
Publish Date:


These manuscripts were part of a group of items purchased from a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe's sister Rosalie Mackenzie Poe's foster mother Jane Scott Mackenzie (1783-1865) in 1998. The donor believed them to be the work of Jane Scott Mackenzie, who is known to have written poetry and to have discussed and shared her poems with Edgar Poe. The poems are not signed but are dated "1842." The word "Richmond" has also been written on one of the leaves. Both the date and location are appropriate to poems that would have been written by Jane Scott Mackenzie, but the handwriting differs from another manuscript for a poem attributed to her, which was included with May 6, 1914 letter from Mrs. W.A. Miller to James H. Whitty. More research will need to be conducted to determine the author of these poems.