The Museum Collection

Charles Baudelaire's Translation of Eureka

ID #: 934
Creator: Charles Baudelaire
Date: 1863
Format: Book
Source: Gift of Alexander and Virginia Weddell
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Publisher: M. Levy
Place of Publication: Paris
Publish Date: 1863


The French poet and critic Charles Baudelaire devoted much of his career to translating Poe's works into French and popularizing Poe in France. Eureka was Poe's last book and the last volume of Baudelaire's Poe translations. The book received little critical notice, aside from a positive review by Judith Gautier. Anticipating poor sales, Baudelaire wrote on December 31, 1863 to Caroline Aupick, "I've found a few people who have the courage to read Eureka. The book will sell badly but I should have anticipated that: it's too abstract for the French..."