The Museum Collection

Edgar Allan Poe's Boyhood Bed

ID #: 79.47.1
Creator: Unknown
Date: Early Nineteenth Century
Format: Primary- Oak, Secondary- Poplar, Yellow Pine
Dimensions: 77" L x 32" W x 17" H Posts 28.25" H
Source: A. Churchill Young, Jr.
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication:
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Edgar Poe slept in this bed as a child in the home of his foster parents John and Frances Allan. After Poe outgrew the bed, Allan gave it to his business partner Charles Ellis, whose daughter, Elizabeth Thorowgood Munford, used it. She, in turn, bequeathed the bed to her daughter, Etta White Munford, who left it to her grand nephew, A. Churchill Young, Jr., who donated the bed to the Raven Society at the University of Virginia, and they turned over the piece to the Poe Museum in 1979. It is now displayed at the Poe Museum in an exhibit containing the mantel from the fireplace in Poe?s boyhood bedroom.

The Poe Museum owns a number of pieces of furniture from the Allan homes. These artifacts allow visitors a glimpse into the world of Poe?s childhood to learn about the factors in Poe?s early years that might have influenced his writing.