The Museum Collection

Sconce from Poe's Boyhood Home

ID #: 368
Creator: Unknown, Possibly New York
Date: ca.1840-1850
Format: Sconce
Source: Museum Purchase
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication:
Publish Date:


This sconce was used in the Allan home "Moldavia" in which Poe lived with his foster parents from 1825 until 1827. Most of the contents were sold at an estate sale in 1881, and the mansion was demolished in 1890. The Poe Museum purchased this piece in 1923 for $45. The sconce was once installed in the Elizabeth Arnold Poe Memorial Building of the Poe Museum but is no longer on display. The sconce was last exhibited in the Library of Virginia's exhibit "Poe: Man, Myth, or Monster?" in 2009.