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"Sonnet-- To Science" in The Casket Edgar Poe's early poem "Sonnet--To Science" first appeared in his second book Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems in 1829. A revised version was printed in The… Bound Journal 1830
"The Bells" in Sartain's Union Magazine of Literature and Art This is the first printing of Poe's poem "The Bells." Though Poe wrote the poem in 1848, it was not printed until after his October 1849 death. In June, 1849, Poe… Bound Journal 1849
"The Fall of the House of Usher" by Albert Sterner This lithograph was reprinted, much reduced in size, as an illustration on page 246 of the 1925 edition of Mary Newton Stanard's biography of Poe entitled The… Lithograph Before 1925
Algernon Swinburne's Copy of Tamerlane This is the first British edition of Poe's first book, Tamerlane. Published in 1884, the book contains a facsimile of what, at the time, was considered the only… book 1884
Amasa Converse Photograph Dr. Amasa Converse performed Edgar Allan Poe's wedding ceremony on May 16, 1836 in Richmond, Virginia. Converse was both a Presbyterian minister and the editor of… Photographic Print Original ca. 1860
Anna Estelle "Stella" Lewis Letter to Martin Van Buren Moore In this letter written nine years after Edgar Allan Poe's death, his acquaintance, Stella Lewis, provides an unflattering depiction of Poe's mother-in-law, Maria… Letter, Sepia Ink on both sides of faded white paper September 29, 1858
Anne Elizabeth Shelton Photograph Anne Elizabeth Shelton was the daughter of Edgar Allan Poe's last fiancee Sarah Elmira Royster Shelton (1810-1888). Had Poe married Mrs. Shelton, Ann Elizabeth… Opaltype mid 19th Century
Book Autographed by Jane Mackenzie Jane Mackenzie was the sister of Edgar Allan Poe's sister Rosalie Mackenzie Poe's foster father William Mackenzie. She and her sister-in-law Jane Scott Mackenzie… book 1834
Boston Recorder for June 17, 1820 This newspaper was edited by Nathaniel Willis (1780-1870). Willis was a Boston editor and publisher who established the newspapers Eastern Argus and Boston Recorder… Newspaper June 17, 1820
Brady Portrait of Poe Photographer Mathew Brady is best known today for his Civil War photographs and portraits of Lincoln, but he achieved a great deal of success during his lifetime as… albumen print carte-de-visite ca. 1860
Brick from Poe's Last Manhattan Residence This brick was one of 700 salvaged from Poe's Greenwich Village home after the building was demolished by New York University. The University presented these bricks… Brick
Candelabra Belonging to Marie Louise Shew This pair of Old Sheffield Plate candelabra were once owned by Marie Louise Shew, the woman to who Poe dedicated the poems "To M.L.S." and "The Beloved Physician."… Sheffield Plate 1800-1810
Copy of Edgar Allan Poe Sketch of Elmira Royster Elmira Royster became engaged to Edgar Allan Poe before he left Richmond to attend the University of Virginia in 1826. During Poe's absence, Royster's father… Pencil on Paper ca.1920 (Original ca. 1826)
Decanters from Poe's Boyhood Home These cut glass decaters were used in the home of John and Frances Allan, foster parents of Edgar Allan Poe. The Poe Museum purchased them on September 14, 1922 for… glass
Der Rabe (The Raven) Movie Poster This is a German language poster for the 1963 film "The Raven" directed by Roger Corman and starring Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Hazel Court, and Jck… Movie Poster 1963
Edgar Allan Poe Portrait Owned by Elmira Royster Shelton This albumen print photograph of Oscar Halling's ca.1868 pastel drawing of Edgar Allan Poe was once owned by Elmira Royster Shelton (1810-1888), the woman to whom… Albumen Print Carte De Visite After 1868
Edgar Allan Poe's Boot Hooks A few weeks before his death, Edgar Allan Poe left these boot hooks at Duncan Lodge, the home in which his sister, Rosalie Mackenzie Poe, lived with her foster… wood, metal unknown
Edgar Allan Poe's Chair This is said to be the chair Edgar Allan Poe used while working in the office of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond from 1835 to 1837. Legend tells that… American Empire Side Chair ca. 1820-1830
Edmund Quinn Bust of Poe The Bronx Society of Arts and Sciences presented a bronze version of this bust to the City of New York on January 19, 1909 in honor of the centennial of Poe's… Plaster 1908
Edouard Manet Etching of Poe The French painter Edouard Manet (1832-1883) was a friend to the Impressionist painters and forerunner of modern painting. Although he was primarily a painter,… Etching on Paper ca. 1874
Father Tabb Letter Objecting to Poe's Exclusion from the Hall of Fame Father John Banister Tabb (1845-1909) was a popular poet and priest who published eleven collections of poetry and saw a number of his poems printed in the leading… Letter ca. 1905
First Dutch Translation of "The Purloined Letter" A little over two years after Poe wrote it, J.L. Van Der Vliet translated Poe's 1844 detective story "The Purloined Letter" into Dutch for the January 1847 issue of… Magazine January 1847
First Edition of Eureka Eureka (1848) was Edgar Allan Poe's last book, and he considered it his masterpiece. In a July 7, 1849 letter to his mother-in-law Maria Clemm, Poe wrote, "I have… book 1848
Flower from the Tomb of Keats This pressed flower was picked from the grave of English Romantic poet John Keats (1795-1821) on October 26, 1854 and sent to Poe's Richmond friend John R. Thompson… Paper with dried, pressed flower October 26, 1854
Illustrations by Frederick Simpson Coburn Canadian artist Frederick Simpson Coburn (1871-1960) produced these illustrations for the ten-volume set Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe (1902) published by G.P.… Phographic Prints of Drawings 1902
James Royster Miniature James Royster was the father of Poe's first fiancee, Elmira Royster (1810-1888). Mr. Royster disapproved of the relationship and broke the engagement by… Watercolor on Card
Jane Scott Mackenzie Portrait Jane Scott Mackenzie (1783-1865) was the foster mother of Edgar Allan Poe's only sister, Rosalie Mackenzie Poe (1810-1874). Rosalie Poe lived with Mrs. Mackenzie… Oil on Canvas 1850
John Allan Portrait This small oil portrait on tin of Edgar Poe's foster father John Allan has been attributed to a few different artists, including the portraitist Thomas Sully, whose… Oil on Metal ca. 1804
John Sartain Letter to E. Leslie Gilliams Philadelphia publisher and engraver John Sartain (1808-1897) wrote this letter concerning Sartain's account of Poe's unusual behavior during a visit to Sartain's… April 7, 1895
Letter from A.M. Ide to John Bisco (Editor of the Broadway Journal) Abijah Metcalf Ide, Jr. (1825-1873) was a South Attleborough, Massachusetts, farmer who started writing Poe in October 1843 and who sent him poems to critique. Ide… letter August 13, 1845
Letter to Edgar Allan Poe (Editor of the Broadway Journal) from A.S. Jordan This letter is addressed to the "Editors and Publishers of the B'Way Journal" by a lawyer who threatens a libel suit against the Broadway Journal for statements the… Letter October 4, 1845
Lock of Edgar Allan Poe's Hair This lock of hair was cut from Poe's brow by Dr. Joseph Evans Snodgrass, the magazine editor Poe called for when he was found delirious in "Gunner's Hall," a… Hair glued to envelope October 7, 1849
Lock of Eliza White's Hair Rumors linked Poe with Eliza White, the daughter of Poe's employer, Thomas White, the owner of the Southern Literary Messenger. In 1835, Poe dedicated his poem… Hair
Mantle from Edgar Allan Poe's Boyhood Bedroom This mantle once adorned the fireplace in Edgar Allan Poe's bedroom in the house in which he lived with his foster parents, John and Frances Allan, at 14th Street…
Maria Poe Clemm Albumen Print Poe's mother-in-law, Maria Poe Clemm (1790-1871), was also the sister of his father David Poe, Jr. After the deaths of her husband and son, Clemm moved from her… Albumen print carte-de-visite 1868
Maria Poe Clemm Letter to Unknown Correspondent In his letter written a decade after Edgar Allan Poe's death, his mother-in-law/aunt, Maria Poe Clemm (1790-1871) requests financial assistance from one of Poe's… Letter December 23, 1859
Nail File Given by Edgar Allan Poe to His Proofreader Poe gave this nail file to William T. Richardson to thank him for his assistance in proofreading the Southern Literary Messenger. Richardson's grandson, Kenneth… Sterling Silver Nail File
Opium Jug from Poe's Sister's Foster Family This Chinese opium jug was used by the Mackenzies, the Richmond family that fostered Poe's sister, Rosalie Mackenzie Poe, after her mother's death in 1811. Rosalie… Porcelin
Pergola Constructed from the Bricks of the Southern Literary Messenger Building This pergola, known as the Poe Shrine, was constructed in 1921 from bricks and granite salvaged from the building in which Edgar Allan Poe began his journalistic… brick, granite, wood 1921
Philadelphia Saturday Courier for October 22, 1831 This newspaper contains an announcement on the back page for a short story contest Poe would enter. Poe submitted five stories to the contest, but another author,… Newspaper October 22, 1832
Pirated English Edition of The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym This is a pirated English edition of Poe's only finished novel. Without an international copyright law to protect him, Poe saw many of his works reprinted in Europe… Book 1838
Pitcher from the Exchange Hotel This silver-plated picher was used in the Exchange Hotel, the location of Poe's last public reading. A popular speaker, Poe delivered lectures and recited poetry in… Silverplated Pitcher ca. 1855-1890
Plaster from Poe's House in Baltimore This piece of horse hair plaster was removed from the interior east wall of the front room of Baltimore's Poe House and Museum during a wall repair, and the site's… Horse hair plaster and several layers of paint ca. 1830
Plaster Heads from the Crown Molding of Poe's Sister's Home These two plaster heads were taken from the crown molding of the cieling decorations of the Richmond home, Duncan Lodge, in which Edgar Allan Poe's sister, Rosalie… plaster
Poe's Autobiography When he was compiling his anthology, The Poets and Poetry of America, Rufus W. Griswold asked Poe to send him some information about himself for inclusion in the… Fragment of Letter May 29, 1841
Poe's Essay on Frances S. Osgood Edgar Allan Poe wrote this essay for the August 1849 issue of the Southern Literary Messenger. The subject, Frances Osgood (1811-1850) was a poetess and close… Manuscript 1849
Poe's Father in the Columbian Centinel for November 8, 1806 Edgar Allan Poe's father, David Poe Jr. (1784-1810?) is listed as playing the role of Bellmour in the November 10 performance of the tragedy jane Shore by N. Rowe. … Newspaper November 8, 1811
Poems of 1831 The first owner of this book, Ben B. Harden, inscribed it with a note voicing his dissatisfaction with Poe's poetry contained within. Although it is dedicated to… book 1831
Raven This stuffed raven, acquired by the Poe Museum in 1942, appears alongside horror film legend Vincent Price (1911-1933) in a 1975 photograph in the Richmond News… 1942
Salt Cellars from Poe's Boyhood Home These salt cellars were used to hold salt on the dinner table in boy's boyhood home, "Moldavia," the Richmond mansion in which he lived with his foster parents,… glass
Sconce from Poe's Boyhood Home This sconce was used in the Allan home "Moldavia" in which Poe lived with his foster parents from 1825 until 1827. Most of the contents were sold at an estate sale… Sconce ca.1840-1850
Sewing Table from Poe's Boyhood Home This table originally belonged to Mary Gallego, who lived in the Richmond Mansion "Moldavia" before Poe's foster parents, the Allans, purchased the home. Mrs.… American Sheraton Sewing Table, walnut ca. 1800
Side Chair from Allan Home This is one of a pair of American Sheraton Fancy Painted side chairs from the Allan home "Moldavia" in which Poe lived from 1825 until 1827. The chairs were… American Sheraton fancy painted side chairs ca. 1815
Small Plaster Bust of Poe by George Julian Zolnay This bust was produced around 1900 by George Julian Zolnay, the sculptor who produced the life-sized bronze bust of Poe, which is also in the Poe Museum's… plaster ca. 1900
Stairs from Poe's Boyhood Home This staircase was salvaged from the home in which Edgar Allan Poe lived with his foster parents, John and Frances Allan, at 14th and Tobacco Alley in Richmond from… wood
The Burning of the Theatre in Richmond Virginia The complete title of this engraving is "The Burning of the Theater in Richmond, Virginia on the Night of 26th December, 1811" The piece was published by B. Tanner… Engraving 1812
The Conchologist's First Book This is the first edition of the book that was to become Poe's best seller during his lifetime. It was printed in three editions in six years. At the request of a… Book, 156 pages and 12 color plates 1839
The Fatal Letter Julia Sully, granddaughter of Poe's friend Robert Sully, gave this small watercolor, a copy of Gilbert Stuart Newton's (1794-1835) oil "The Forsaken," to the Poe… watercolor on paper After 1820s (original oil by Newton painted in 1820s)
The Foundling of the Forest This is the script for a play in which Poe's mother, Eliza Arnold Hopkins Poe (1787-1811), performed. Her name appears in the cast as on the second page of this… Script 1809
Tragic Almanack for 1843 The cover of this almanac bears an illustration of the murder of Mary Rogers. Known as the "Beautiful Cigar Girl," Miss Rogers was a popular hostess at Anderson's… Pamphlet 1842
Vincent Price Doll This doll depicts Vincent Price as he appears in the 1963 American International film "The Raven," inspired by Poe's poem of the same title. The film is one of a… Action Figure 2002