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Bronze Edgar Allan Poe Bell This limited edition bell was was produced by Gerry Ballatyne F.R.S.A. and was the 1988 Annual Ballantyne Bell. The piece was cast in bronze using the "lost wax"… bronze bell 1988
Edmund Quinn Bust of Poe The Bronx Society of Arts and Sciences presented a bronze version of this bust to the City of New York on January 19, 1909 in honor of the centennial of Poe's… Plaster 1908
Plaster Heads from the Crown Molding of Poe's Sister's Home These two plaster heads were taken from the crown molding of the cieling decorations of the Richmond home, Duncan Lodge, in which Edgar Allan Poe's sister, Rosalie… plaster
Raven This stuffed raven, acquired by the Poe Museum in 1942, appears alongside horror film legend Vincent Price (1911-1933) in a 1975 photograph in the Richmond News… 1942
Small Plaster Bust of Poe by George Julian Zolnay This bust was produced around 1900 by George Julian Zolnay, the sculptor who produced the life-sized bronze bust of Poe, which is also in the Poe Museum's… plaster ca. 1900
Vincent Price Doll This doll depicts Vincent Price as he appears in the 1963 American International film "The Raven," inspired by Poe's poem of the same title. The film is one of a… Action Figure 2002
Zolnay Bust of Poe The University of Virginia commissioned this bust, which was unveiled in 1899, the fiftieth anniversary of Poe's death. The Poe Museum's casting was produced… Bronze 1898