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"E.A. Poe" Watercolor by William A. Lewis This watercolor was executed in 1959 and reflects that influence of painterly abstraction, which was popularized in the 1940s by Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and… watercolor on paper 1959
Anna Charlotte Lynch Portrait Anna Charlotte Lynch (1815-1891) was a poet and teacher who hosted weekly literary soirees at her New York City home during the time of Poe's residence in that… Oil on Canvas 1840s
Frances Keeling Valentine Allan Portrait This is one of two known life portraits of Edgar Allan Poe's foster mother, Frances Allan (1785-1829), who cared for Poe after his biological mother died when he… Oil on Metal ca. 1828
Henry Herring Portrait When Poe lay semiconscious in a Baltimore tavern on October 3, 1849, his uncle Henry Herring (1791-1868) refused to take him home to care for him. Instead, Poe was… Oil on Panel 1868
James Royster Miniature James Royster was the father of Poe's first fiancee, Elmira Royster (1810-1888). Mr. Royster disapproved of the relationship and broke the engagement by… Watercolor on Card
Jane Scott Mackenzie Portrait Jane Scott Mackenzie (1783-1865) was the foster mother of Edgar Allan Poe's only sister, Rosalie Mackenzie Poe (1810-1874). Rosalie Poe lived with Mrs. Mackenzie… Oil on Canvas 1850
John Allan Portrait This small oil portrait on tin of Edgar Poe's foster father John Allan has been attributed to a few different artists, including the portraitist Thomas Sully, whose… Oil on Metal ca. 1804
Mary Allan Portrait Mary Allan (died 1850) was the oldest of Edgar Allan Poe's foster father John Allan's sisters. Mary Allan resided at the Allan home in Bridgegate House in Irvine,… Oil on Canvas ca. 1803
Mary Gallego Portrait This portrait hung in both "Moldavia" (one of Edgar Allan Poe's boyhood homes) and "Duncan Lodge" (Poe's sister's home from 1843 until 1865). The subject, Mary… Oil on Canvas ca. 1806
Painting from Poe's Boyhood Home This painting hung in Edgar Allan Poe's boyhood home and was bought at the estate sale of that mansion by Mrs. J.B. Pace in 1881. Mrs. Pace willed the painting to… Oil on Canvas 1647
The Fatal Letter Julia Sully, granddaughter of Poe's friend Robert Sully, gave this small watercolor, a copy of Gilbert Stuart Newton's (1794-1835) oil "The Forsaken," to the Poe… watercolor on paper After 1820s (original oil by Newton painted in 1820s)
Thomas White Portrait Thomas Willis White (1788-1843) was the founder of the Southern Literary Messenger, a journal based in Richmond, Virgina. White hired Poe in 1835, a year after the… Oil on Canvas
Traylor Miniature of Edgar Allan Poe This watercolor miniature on ivory was painted by an unknown artist around 1900. Little is known of the history of this tiny painting, which was acquired by the Poe… Watercolor on Ivory ca. 1900
Upton Beale Portrait This portrait represents Edgar Allan Poe's friend and University of Virginia classmate Upton Beale. According to the book The Valley of Unrest (1883, George… Oil on Canvas