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Book Autographed by Edgar Allan Poe for Lousia Ann Lynch Edgar Allan Poe presented this copy of The New Gift and Juvenile Souvenir for 1836 to Louisa Anna Lynch. He inscribed the book "To/ Miss Louisa Ann Lynch/ with the… Book ca.1836
Edgar Allan Poe Letter to Lucy Dorothea Henry As a celebrity in his own time, Poe was occasionally asked for his autograph. This autograph was written at the request of Lucy Dorothea Henry, granddaughter of… Letter, One Page June 20, 1843
Edgar Allan Poe's Boot Hooks A few weeks before his death, Edgar Allan Poe left these boot hooks at Duncan Lodge, the home in which his sister, Rosalie Mackenzie Poe, lived with her foster… wood, metal unknown
Edgar Allan Poe's Boyhood Bed Edgar Poe slept in this bed as a child in the home of his foster parents John and Frances Allan. After Poe outgrew the bed, Allan gave it to his business partner… Primary- Oak, Secondary- Poplar, Yellow Pine Early Nineteenth Century
Edgar Allan Poe's Chair This is said to be the chair Edgar Allan Poe used while working in the office of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond from 1835 to 1837. Legend tells that… American Empire Side Chair ca. 1820-1830
Edgar Allan Poe's Manuscript for "The Rationale of Verse" Poe attempts to explain the history of English verse in this essay, which he had trouble getting published because editors considered it too technical for the… Manuscript, One Page 1848
Edgar Allan Poe's Socks After Poe's early death, this piece was one of the articles of Poe's clothing his mother-in-law kept in a trunk of his possessions. Although the trunk is lost, we… silk
Edgar Allan Poe's Trunk When Poe lay dying in a Baltimore hospital, his attending physician asked him where his trunk was. Since Poe was traveling when he died, it was assumed he had a… wood, leather, brass Probably 1840s
Edgar Allan Poe's Vest This fine silk embroidered vest was once owned by Edgar Allan Poe. It serves as a reminder of contemporary descriptions of the poet as an "elegant appearing… Silk
Edgar Allan Poe's Walking Stick On his last night in Richmond, two weeks before his death, Edgar Poe left this walking stick at the home of his friend and physician, Dr. John Carter, on his last… wood, silver tip
Fragment of Edgar Allan Poe Letter This fragment was given to the Poe Museum in October 1969 by Mrs. Rosewell Page. It was once the property of her brother-in-law, Thomas Nelson Page… Fragment of Letter 1836
Lock of Edgar Allan Poe's Hair This lock of hair was cut from Poe's brow by Dr. Joseph Evans Snodgrass, the magazine editor Poe called for when he was found delirious in "Gunner's Hall," a… Hair glued to envelope October 7, 1849
Mantle from Edgar Allan Poe's Boyhood Bedroom This mantle once adorned the fireplace in Edgar Allan Poe's bedroom in the house in which he lived with his foster parents, John and Frances Allan, at 14th Street…
Manuscript Portion of Poe's Marginalia This manuscript was written on thin strips of paper, glued end to end, as Poe was know to do. Poe would roll these manuscripts like scrolls for easy storage in his… Manuscript in Two Strips of Uneven Length 1849
Maunscript for "Siope" Later renamed "Silence," "Siope" is among Poe's earliest short stories. It took him six years to find a publisher for it. "Siope" is one of the Tales of the Folio… Manuscript 1832
Nail File Given by Edgar Allan Poe to His Proofreader Poe gave this nail file to William T. Richardson to thank him for his assistance in proofreading the Southern Literary Messenger. Richardson's grandson, Kenneth… Sterling Silver Nail File
Poe Letter to Hiram Haines, April 24, 1840 This is one of two surviving letters from Poe to magazine editor Hiram Haines. Hiram Haines (1802-1841) published a book of poetry, Mountain Birds and Blossoms, in… letter April 24, 1840
Poe Letter to Hiram Haines, August 19, 1836 While working as acting editor of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond, Virginia, Edgar Allan Poe wrote this letter to Petersburg, Virginia editor Hiram… Letter August 19, 1836
Poe Letter to Marguerite St. Leon Loud, September 18, 1849 This is one of the last letters Edgar Allan Poe wrote before his death on October 7, 1849. In the letter, sent to Philadelphia poet Marguerite St. Leon Loud… Letter September 18, 1849
Poe Letter to Samuel Kettell This previously unpublished letter was discovered in 2005 in a private collection in Alabama. The owner was a pastor who had been given the letter years earlier as… letter, one page June 14, 1846
Poe Letter to Thomas White Shortly after Edgar Allan Poe started writing for the Southern Literary Messenger, he wrote to the owner, Thomas White, to complain that he had not been paid enough… Letter July 20, 1835
Poe's Autobiography When he was compiling his anthology, The Poets and Poetry of America, Rufus W. Griswold asked Poe to send him some information about himself for inclusion in the… Fragment of Letter May 29, 1841
Poe's Essay on Frances S. Osgood Edgar Allan Poe wrote this essay for the August 1849 issue of the Southern Literary Messenger. The subject, Frances Osgood (1811-1850) was a poetess and close… Manuscript 1849
Poe's Quotations from Milton This early manuscript contains Poe's quotations of lines from the works of Milton. The piece was given to the Poe Museum by the grandchildren of Edgar Allan Poe's… Letter ca. 1828
Poe's Quotations from Shakespeare This early manuscript contains Poe's quotations of lines from twelve of Shakespeare's plays including King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and The Tempest. Two of the lines… ca. 1829
The Fatal Letter Julia Sully, granddaughter of Poe's friend Robert Sully, gave this small watercolor, a copy of Gilbert Stuart Newton's (1794-1835) oil "The Forsaken," to the Poe… watercolor on paper After 1820s (original oil by Newton painted in 1820s)
Virginia Poe's Mirror This mirror was found in Poe's trunk after his death and is believed to have belonged to his wife, Virginia Clemm Poe. It is an American Hepplewhite String Inlaid… Primary: Mahogany, Secondary: Yellow Pine