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2018 Preservation Project

2018 Preservation Project

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Project Overview

From February 11 until March 6, The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia will be operating within a “limited capacity” to take care of much-needed repairs to our historic Old Stone House as well as a general update of our exhibition layouts to enhance visitor experiences.

This means that both the Old Stone House (housing our gift shop and main entrance) and the Model Building will be closed to the public for these repairs, leaving both our Memorial Building and Exhibits Building open for visitors as normal.

In order to continue engaging our visitors throughout the month of February, The Poe Museum will be offering free admission with a suggested donation of $5.00 with guests being able to enter our Memorial Building and Exhibits Building, both containing engaging exhibits pertaining to Poe’s life and legacy. Additionally, the museum will be offering various programming such as live readings, interactive sessions with our curator and artifacts, and more.

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Project Details

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum has been interpreting the life and legacy of Edgar Allan Poe since 1922. That means that the Poe Museum has been engaging with students, educators, scholars, and the general public on-site and around the world for almost one hundred years in order to keep Poe's great legacy alive.

What's more, our museum itself is an historic site! Thousands of visitors every year enter our museum and gift shop through the Old Stone House, the oldest house still standing in the city of Richmond, and continue their museum experience by entering our historic 20th-century Enchanted Garden, a Richmond Garden Trail site.

As you can see, our visitors are the lifeblood of the Poe Museum. Their support and the support of generous donations allows us to keep our mission alive through school programs, monthly Unhappy Hours, engagement with the Poe community, and so many more beloved programs and events.

Therefore, the safety of our historic home, garden, and museum facilities is our top priority. As a result, the Poe Museum will be operating within a limited capacity from February 11th until March 6th to take care of much-needed repairs to our historic Old Stone House as well as a general update and rethinking of our exhibition layouts.

"The Oldest House In Richmond"

In the years to come, Poe would pass the house several times on his walks down Main Street to Rocket’s Landing. He would have known of it since the house was already appearing in guidebooks as a Richmond landmark during Poe’s lifetime. An 1843 book already refers to the century-old house as “the old Stone House” and calls it the oldest house in Richmond. There is no evidence that Poe ever entered the house and any association it might have had with Poe was less important to the city than its association with Lafayette.

In the last half of the nineteenth century, the house, then used as a curio shop, was called “Lafayette’s Headquarters” or “Washington’s Headquarters” even though neither had actually used it as their headquarters at any time. In fact, Washington had never even visited the house.

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