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"The Raven" CD by Kristen Lawrence

"The Raven" CD by Kristen Lawrence
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If Edgar Allan Poe had been a musician, what would “The Raven” sound like?

 This famous poem is noted for its lingering rhythms, sonorous rhymes, and gothic themes. Who better, then, to bring it to musical life than classically trained organist and composer of Halloween Carols™, Kristen Lawrence?

 Kristen’s setting of all 18 verses follows the feelings of the narrator as he falls progressively deeper into the maelstrom of despair over his lost love, Lenore. Each verse was composed as a musical vignette to illustrate the growing madness as Poe’s character is tormented by the presence of the raven. Kristen’s pure soprano sings the narrative, as if sung by the ghost of Lenore.

Tracks include "The Raven" (20:38), "The Raven" (Instrumental) (20:38), "Ghost of John" (Bare Bones Version) (4:38), "Ghost of John" (Instrumental Version) (4:38), "Ghost of John" (Dead Composers Version) (9:06)

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"The Raven" CD by Kristen Lawrence
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