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Poe Statue by Richard Masloski

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  • Poe Statue by Richard Masloski


    Poe Statue by Richard Masloski

    New York artist Richard Masloski has created a statuette of Poe which he hopes will one day serve as a model for a life-size bronze likeness. The design is meant to capture the essence of the man as if you were meeting him on the street.


    He stands alone under ashen and sober skies

    at night in the lonesome October,

    wrapt in his perennial greatcoat,

    braced against the bleak cold of a ghoul-haunted woodland,

    hands in virtually penniless pockets, desperate but defiant,

    alone, alone, alone from childhood's hour,

    gone at forty years of age

    but forevermore, forever with us, forever... POE.


    *This a special custom-order piece, and the price of shipping is included in the total cost. Mr. Poe measures 16.25" tall, with a base of 5.5x4". Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.  Additional shipping charges will apply for international orders.