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The Poe Museum’s screening of Vertigowent off as planned–in spite of the rain. A group of true cinephiles huddled together under a large tent to witness Hitchcock’s masterpiece while the rain pounded the tent. If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch a movie outdoors in a storm, you should definitely try it. Nothing heightens the cinematic experience quite the way Nature’s wrath does. The real-life dangers of flash floods and lightning strikes gave the audience just the right amount of genuine fear to help them properly empathize with James Stewart’s character in the film.

The lesson to be learned by all those unlucky enough miss out on this event is that the Poe Museum doesn’t cancel an event until the place is underwater. Our next event will be a Poe Memorial Service to be held at the Museum on October 5, so we encourage you to come no matter how terrible to weather is.

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