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The Poe Shrine Book

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  • The Poe Shrine Book


    The Poe Shrine Book

    Although he is one of the world’s most popular authors who continues to thrill and chill readers of all ages, Edgar Allan Poe’s life is as enigmatic as his sudden, unexplained death. In a quest for solutions to the mysteries surrounding the poet’s life and work, a group of Poe devotees founded the Poe Shrine in 1922. This body included the world’s most prolific Poe collector, a psychiatrist who believed that Poe was clairvoyant, and the grandson of Poe’s worst enemy. Within four years of the Shrine’s opening one of the founders committed suicide, another was committed to a mental hospital, and a third had been banned from ever entering the Shrine again. Somehow, over the course of 95 years, their museum managed to assemble the world’s finest collection of Poe artifacts and memorabilia featuring the author’s boyhood bed, clothing, walking stick, and hair clipped from his head after his death. Drawing on the museum's archives, The Poe Shrine tells the story of these coveted objects, the people who collected them, and the institution that serves as their repository.

    Paperback, 221 pages