The Museum Collection

"Psalm 139th" Poem by Edgar Allan Poe's Brother

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Creator: William Henry Leonard Poe
Date: February 3, 1827
Format: Bound Journal
Source: Museum Purchase
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Publisher: Saturday Evening Post
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publish Date: February 3, 1827


Edgar Allan Poe's brother, William Henry Leonard Poe (1807-1831), published a number of poems and stories before his early death at age twenty-four. This is the first printing of Henry Poe's poem "Psalm 139th," the second of two poems he published in the Saturday Evening Post. A copy of the first printing of the other poem, "Jacob's Dream," is also in the Poe Museum's collection. "Psalm 139th" was published in the February 3, 1827 issue of the paper. This was about five months before his younger brother, Edgar Allan Poe, would publish his first poems in the 1827 book Tamerlane.

The Poe Museum acquired the 1827 volume of the Saturday Evening Post, which includes two poems from William Henry Leonard Poe, in 2010 from a collector who had found them in a Philadelphia dumpster about twenty years earlier.