The Museum Collection

Tragic Almanack for 1843

ID #: 633
Creator: C.P. Heustis, engraver
Date: 1842
Format: Pamphlet
Source: John W. Robertson
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Publisher: New York Sun
Place of Publication: New York
Publish Date: 1842


The cover of this almanac bears an illustration of the murder of Mary Rogers. Known as the "Beautiful Cigar Girl," Miss Rogers was a popular hostess at Anderson's Tobacco Emporium in New York in the late 1830s. She was found brutally murdered in 1841, and Poe published his own solution to the still-unsolved mystery as his 1842 short story "The Mystery of Marie Roget." The cover the this almanac depicts the popular theory that Rogers was the victim of a gang, but Poe disputes this theory, pointing to evidence that the murder the was the work of one person. The almanac also features lurid accounts of sensational murders and suicides, including the suicide of Daniel Payne, Miss Rogers's fiance. Payne overdosed on laudanum on the site of Rogers's murder.