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Brick from Poe's Last Manhattan Residence This brick was one of 700 salvaged from Poe's Greenwich Village home after the building was demolished by New York University. The University presented these bricks… Brick
Granite Salvaged from Boarding House in Which Poe Lived These benches are said to be made of granite salvaged from Mrs. Yarrington's Boarding House on Bank Street in Richmond, Virginia. Poe moved into the house with his…
Mantle from Edgar Allan Poe's Boyhood Bedroom This mantle once adorned the fireplace in Edgar Allan Poe's bedroom in the house in which he lived with his foster parents, John and Frances Allan, at 14th Street…
Pergola Constructed from the Bricks of the Southern Literary Messenger Building This pergola, known as the Poe Shrine, was constructed in 1921 from bricks and granite salvaged from the building in which Edgar Allan Poe began his journalistic… brick, granite, wood 1921
Plaster from Poe's House in Baltimore This piece of horse hair plaster was removed from the interior east wall of the front room of Baltimore's Poe House and Museum during a wall repair, and the site's… Horse hair plaster and several layers of paint ca. 1830
Plaster Heads from the Crown Molding of Poe's Sister's Home These two plaster heads were taken from the crown molding of the cieling decorations of the Richmond home, Duncan Lodge, in which Edgar Allan Poe's sister, Rosalie… plaster
Sconce from Poe's Boyhood Home This sconce was used in the Allan home "Moldavia" in which Poe lived with his foster parents from 1825 until 1827. Most of the contents were sold at an estate sale… Sconce ca.1840-1850
Stairs from Poe's Boyhood Home This staircase was salvaged from the home in which Edgar Allan Poe lived with his foster parents, John and Frances Allan, at 14th and Tobacco Alley in Richmond from… wood